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Provides numerous standard reports of Budgets, Commitments and Lender Budgets as well as Actual Cost to Date.

Most systems don’t go far enough, they have the budget but not the commitments, they have the commitments but not the Lender budget, they have actual cost to date but not what has been “Drawn”. CONTRACK was designed for developers and each of these types of data has been an integral part of the product since its iinception.


“Budget” is the developer’s line item estimate to build the project.

“Lender Budget” is what the lender is allowing per line item of the project.

“Commitment” generally refers to Contracts, Contract Change Orders, Purchase Orders and PO Changes. Yes, you can have change orders on a PO.

“Drawn” typically refers to the amount of money drawn on a loan. CONTRACK has a very powerful “Draw Request” module to allow users to quickly generate the request to the lender, See Draw Request below.

Eliminates the need for spread sheets as the needed data is contained in the system.

CONTRACK allows you to manage the types of data that are essential to your business and by doing this truly can eliminate the need for spread sheets. One of the major reasons clients choose CONTRACK is to get away from all the spread sheets. And they do, because the reports we provide have been created for developers like you for over twenty years.

Job Cost Analysis Comparison to Budget Report
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Reports were created using the “Crystal Reports” Report Writing software.

For those inclined to do their own report writing, starting with the ones we’ve created will make creating new ones even easier.
Having all this great data on file wouldn’t mean much if you couldn’t get it out. We have built numerous standard reports and will continue to do so. We’ve also built our reports in a way that makes modifying them a bit easier. So whether we make the change or you do it yourself, you’ll save.

Using the Crystal Reports Report Writing product you can create your own reports or modify ours. This popular reporting tool is available at most computer stores or on-line. Advantage Systems will be happy to consider creating custom reports but you’re welcome to create your own. If you’re not quite comfortable with creating reports, the popularity of the Crystal Reporting software ensures that somebody in your neighborhood can help.

New reports can be easily added to and run from within the software allowing you to control access to each report.

Reports created with the proper version of the Crystal Reporting program can be run from within the CONTRACK software. This is easy to do and ideal from a security standpoint. Most systems that let you use Crystal, make you run your reports from outside of their products, opening the door to more data than you may want people to see. CONTRACK allows you to add your reports to the list of reports we have created giving you the same flexibility and control that you’d have with our reports.