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Commitment Control

Allows the user to track both Contracts and Purchase Orders.

CONTRACK™ was one of the first commercially available products that managed both Contracts and Purchase Orders. The Purchase Order function was designed specifically for Real Estate Developers. In many systems, the Purchase Order function was designed for Manufacturing, requiring information that simply doesn’t apply to the building industry, like “Inventory part numbers” or “Bill of material”. CONTRACK™ won’t burden you with such requests. Our PO function was designed to handle the types of PO’s developers create every day.

Allows an unlimited number of line items per Commitment.

Many systems treat the sub-contract as a specific line item within the project. Limiting the commitment to that single line item. CONTRACK™ provides much more by allowing the user to define any number of line items as being part of a single contract. This approach has proven to be invaluable, especially when dealing with multiple phased projects where a single contract may be extended to multiple phases.

Commitments Detail by Contract Report
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Allows an unlimited number of Commitments per line items.

The fact is, multiple vendors may contribute to the work on a single line item of the project. With CONTRACK™, there is no need to set up separate line items for each one. CONTRACK™ can report on each vendor or collectively at the click of a mouse.

By allowing multiple commitments to a line item, the user doesn’t have to go through hoops to change the chart of accounts when a new vendor is added to the project to take over the work of an earlier vendor. A new commitment is created using the same account line item. The commitment to the original vendor would simply be reduced by a negative change order.

Allows subcontractor insurance lapse dates to be tracked by contract or by vendor.

To prevent the financial exposure to uninsured sub-contractors, CONTRACK™ has a built-in capability to track various insurance dates per contract or per vendor. The ability to track these dates by a specific contract has been extremely useful when the same vendor may be working in multiple projects in multiple states. Workers Compensation and General Liability are provided as a default but the user can add any number of “User defined” dates such as “Auto insurance” or “City License fees”.

Allows Change Orders on both Contracts an Purchase Orders.

CONTRACK™ not only allows the user to record “Change orders” on a contract but also on a Purchase Order. It’s the kind of thing that when you need it, you’re glad its there.

Allows different “Retention” rates per line item of a contract.

From its inception, CONTRACK™ has allowed users to not only handle retention but handle complex contracts where the retention rate may differ per line item of the contract. Because this function is so easy to use, people use it. By using it, they can take the agreed upon retention percentage out of each invoice, actually out of each line item of the invoice. By recording the proper invoice amount, CONTRACK™ presents a more accurate presentation of the cost incurred to date on the project.