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Recommended System Requirements

CONTRACK™ is a completely "Real-Time" "Transaction Based" accounting system. As such, the performance of the worksations and the size of your hard disk will be important. The Windows® version is a full 32 bit, "Client/Server" implementation. Below we have presented the requirements for the CONTRACK™ software.

"Client"/ Workstation

We Recommend a 350 MHz Pentium® III or better with a minimum 256Mb of RAM.

Most new machines are being configuerd with at least 1GB of hard disk space, we recommend that at least 200Mb of local hard drive space be available on each client workstation.

"Client" Operating System
Windows® 2000 or XP Pro. Earlier operating systems will NOT be sufficient.

"Client" Monitor
Must be capable of screen resolution equal to 1020 by 768 pixels.

File Server

The "Client/Server" architecture of the system demands a capable file server.

We recommend the following:

Processor Pentium® 4, 2 GHz or better
Ram 512Mb (minimum), 1Gb recommended
Hard Disk The amount of hard disk space will depend on the number of transactions being recorded. The following guide should be used:
# of Checks per month
5000 - 12000
12000 and over

We recommend using ULTR-WIDE SCSI II or SCSI III drives. A "Raid" configuration is preferred but not required.

Network Operating System

We recommend the Windows® 2003 Operating System from Microsoft®, be used on the file server.

File Structure:   NTSF
Communication Protocol:   TCIP


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