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Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you develop such a comprehensive accounting system and not just an add-on module to a more generic system?

We simply couldn’t provide the level of functionality and control if we were saddled with someone else’s accounting system. The CONTRACK software was designed to place the various types of data that were critical to the developer into a single database. A major element of that data is the “Commitments” placed in the form of Contracts or Purchase Orders. Having this data was not enough. The Payables function, for instance, has to be able to access this data to ensure that invoices are not allowed which exceed a particular commitment. This integration occurs at a very low level within the operations of the Payables function. It cannot be done as a simple add-on. Think about it. It’s not just the initial payable record that updates the “Commitment” but the payment of that invoice as well, not to mention what happens if that particular check is voided.

How much does CONTRACK™ cost?

The investment in the CONTRACK software will depend on the functionality and number of users purchased. Fees for installation, implementation and training are billed on a quarter hour basis, based on the billing rate of the person providing the support. Please call today for a quote.

How long will it take to convert my data?

How long it will take to convert your data will depend on three things, the accessibility of the data, the timeliness of the data and management’s commitment to the completion of the task. Clients who are able to provide us up to the date information, in a format suitable for import are converted quickly. Additional time will be required if the necessary data cannot be easily extracted from the existing accounting system or if that data is simply not up to date. An implementation meeting will be conducted at the outset of the project to define the tasks involved and assign responsibility for each. It will be management’s responsibility to ensure that tasks assigned to client personnel are completed in a timely manner.
What Workstation operating systems are supported?

Windows XP Professional
Windows 2000

What Data Server platform does CONTRACK run on?

Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2000

Other platforms are available but please call so that we can discuss what is involved with each.

How easy is CONTRACK to use?

We believe the Real-time nature of the system as opposed to older “Batch” systems makes the system extremely easy to use. Users need only learn how to enter the various transactions and reports they wish to run. There are no time consuming posting routines to memorize.

With the proper security, transactions can be edited and even deleted if the period has not been closed. No longer will you have to enter journal entries to correct the posting of an invoice or “Adjusting batches” to correct the amount posted.

Year end close is a snap! You cannot hurt yourself and if you have lot of entities, that’s easy to do with other products. The system creates an old fashion “Income Summary” entry rather than purge the P&L activity. The result is that you can continue to produce income statements even after the year has been closed. The Income Statement reports simply ignore the “Closing” entry and report the activity for the date range requested. You can even run “Rolling P&L’s” running for any twelve month period which has allowed users to easily place fiscal and calendar entities on par.

How many periods can be open at a time?

As many as you liken but we recommend that periods be closed to prevent erroneous entries to a period which has been reported. Users with the proper authority can open a period at any time.

How do I learn more about CONTRACK?

Contact Brian Lynch at Advantage Systems, directly at 949-250-0260 or email him at . Brian can provide additional information and arrange a presentation of CONTRACK’S unique capabilities.
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