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Add On Modules

Account Receivables

  • Entering Customer Invoices is easy!
  • Cash Received can be applied to specific invoices or to the customer’s overall balance.
  • Aging reports can be printed as of any date.

Advanced Budgeting

  • Allows the user to manage any number of budgets.
  • Makes comparing actual to any budget scenario a snap!

Check Signing

  • Allows the user to sign checks with up to two signatures.
  • Different Bank accounts can have different check signers.
  • Signs checks up to a predetermined amount per signer and per bank account.
  • Saves the signature image to the database to restrict access.

Complex Passwords

  • Allows user to create a more complex password environment.

Cash Reciepts
Draw Request
  • Allows the user to quickly and easily select which Vendor invoices and / or Journal entries will be included in a given “Draw.”
  • Using the “Crossover” logic, allows the user to easily report using the Lender’s chart of accounts.
  • Provides summary reports by “Account Number” or “Lender Line item” as well as “Detailed” versions of each report showing the specific invoices comprising the amount “Requested”.
  • Easily handles multiple lenders on a given project.

Laser/MICR Check Printing

  • Eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple bank accounts.
  • Increases security as check stock is blank until the checks are printed.
  • Saves money as the cost per check is significantly less than that of pre-printed checks.

Time and Billing

  • Tracks individual billing “Tickets” per Customer and Project.
  • Creates “Invoices” per customer.
  • Allows separate “Invoice Creation” by “Project”.