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Budget Management

Tracks “Original Budget” and “Budget Changes” separately.

To ensure that the original budget for the project stays in tact, Changes to the budget are treated as a different type of budget entry. Doing so also allows the product to easily present the Original Budget and Budget change amounts in separate columns allowing the user to easily spot areas of concern within the project.

Records each “Budget” entry as a transaction so that the individual changes to the budget can be identified.

By recording each budget entry as a transaction CONTRACK™ can provide a detailed look at what happened on the project from Pro-forma to completion.

Budget Entry Analysis Report

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Allows the user to enter extensive comments as to why the budget is being changed.

Budget changes are made throughout the life of the project. By providing adequate space to define each change, we are allowing greater definition of the events that shaped the profitability of each project. The “Budget Entry Analysis” report will present these descriptions with each budget entry to a selected line. The better the description the more useful this report will be.